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viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Community: Annie

And finally Annie
haha I really like her...
I'm a Jeff/Annie/Britta shipper
anyway I really like the way her drawing came out (:

Community: Jeff

I Loveee Joel McHale
The soup is one of my personal favorites (:

Community: Britta

She's cool...I really like her (:

Community: Abed

He's one of my favorites (:
I'm such a TV/movie geek

Community: Troy

Now is Troy...hahaha he's hilarious when he's with Abed (:


Community: Pierce

Now is Pierce...not my favorite character...but still (:

Senior Chang

Hahah Chang is so awesome :D
Love him at the Paint ball episode

Community: Ian

Next is Ian P:

Community: Shirley

Love that show!!! anyhow decided to do some characters P:
First, Shirley (:

 Wanted to do a more sloppy style that I usually do P: