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domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Birthday Presents/ Drawing Thingies!

Some birthday drawings I have done for some fine ladies!

First one was for a close friend, I draw her cat Lily!

Second was for a cute friend of mine! check her out.

Third one was for the most talented Lindsey Olivares!! Is a drawing of her with her beloved chickens (:

Kyu-Bum Lee

A little gift I did for Kyu-Bum Lee’s birthday yesterday!!
I love his artwork so much, he’s truly a huge inspiration to me! (:


I couldn't help to draw this gorgeous lady! She looked stunning!

Academy Awards fashion is really inspiring!!!


A page from my 2014 portfolio (:!

Is a little gypsy girl I'm trying to develop.

A little drawing I did for Mr. Otto Schmidt's Birthday! He is a huge inspiration to me!

Kitty Wu

A cute kitty I did for my portfolio (:
I used a whole other colouring technique! hahah
I hate how I can’t seem to keep the liveness of a traditional sketch in the final piece

Houses around the World

Some houses for a personal project. Houses around the World

sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Wizarding Wednesday

My very late entry to the Wizarding Wednesday (:
It's Molly and Arthur as teens when they met at Hogwarts (:

Pastel Girl

A quick illustration from a gorgeous girl I saw on tumblr! Cant’ quite remember the source.

Wanted to try some pastel colours (:

jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Trinquétte Weekly Challenge! Poison Ivy

My entry to the Trinquétte Weekly Challenge!

My first fan art of Poison Ivy ever!!! (:

Illustrated Girls: Sailor Moon!

A little illustration I did for an online magazine called Illustrated Girls! (:

This month's theme was Sailor Moon and since I practically started drawing because of her I wanted to participate (:!

Wizarding Wednesday!!

My take on this Wizarding Wednesday theme! Harry being clumsy as usual haha!
It's my first time doing this! and it's been really fun!