The Sketchblog of Arianna Garcia

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

My second character challenge, it's supposed to be a Hippie!
Next it'll be an animal chef...
Anyhow, hope you like it (:

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

My boyfriend  and I decided to do a fun little challenge. We had two days to come up with a
character design from any theme.
Today's theme was obviously Bikers.
It was fun although it kinda doesn't feel like my usual stuff, but it'll help me grow and open my mind to other kind of character beyond cute girls right?

martes, 8 de enero de 2013

First post of the year! it's been a while.
This was a color and environment practice I did a while ago.
Anyway I just realize that I suck at it!
But my new motto is "Get all the crappy drawings out, eventually the good ones will come" 
So I don't get discourage that easy...I will practice more and more!